The Biomedical Sequencing Facility

The Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF) is an academic core facility and center of expertise for next generation sequencing (NGS) services and technology.


Located on Vienna’s medical campus, the BSF offers a broad range of NGS services, including Illumina sequencing (NovaSeq, HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq), other sequencing technology (e.g. long-read nanopore sequencing), and full-service protocols for genome, epigenome, and transcriptome sequencing. The BSF also offers advice and contribution to study design and bioinformatic data analysis, assay development, and training / teaching in NGS technology and genomic medicine.


The BSF is a joint project of the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Medical University of Vienna. It serves a broad and interdisciplinary community of researchers and clinicians in Vienna, in Austria, and internationally.

Biomedical Sequencing Facility

Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF)


CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine 

of the Austrian Academy of Sciences


A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Lazarettgasse 14, AKH BT 25.3